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Here we have the first post, of which there will soon be many, that you can read on the brand new Academic Health Economists’ Blog.

The Blog has been started because we feel there is something lacking in the current choice of on-line resources in health economics; we hope to address this. There are many blogs currently available that cover topics in health economics, though these tend to focus upon issues such as drug pricing and HTAs. The focus of this blog will be upon theoretical and methodological developments in health economics. It will also post views and opinions on relevant news articles, with the hope to encourage a debate amongst health economists. The site aims to be entirely impartial and unbiased; if there is something with which you disagree then please comment and contribute.

It is important to note that this blog is UK-based and that, while we hope to include material of international relevance, there will be a natural tendency towards UK-based developments and news.

If you wish to contribute to The Blog, please click here. If you wish to contact the site administrators, please click here.

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6 years ago

[…] into our 7th year here at blog HQ, and we’re pleased with what we’ve achieved. Back in February 2011, there wasn’t much online discussion of health economics beyond the traditional journals. […]

11 years ago

[…] 2 years today since we (an editorial ‘we’, that is) produced this blog’s inaugural post, with no more than a vague idea of what it might be or become. Plenty has happened in the online […]

13 years ago

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