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Reducing calluses in academic health economists

There has been a 71% reduction in the number of characters that you will have to enter to get to this blog. has arrived.


  • Chris Sampson

    Founder of the Academic Health Economists' Blog. Senior Principal Economist at the Office of Health Economics. ORCID: 0000-0001-9470-2369

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13 years ago

Is there an ICER for this callus prevention strategy?

Chris Sampson
Chris Sampson
Reply to  hirnic
13 years ago


with 1509 views since starting 16 days ago, that’s 94 views a day. Assuming this continues for the next 12 months that will be 34,310 views, each pressing 27 fewer buttons to get here. The domain name cost $17.00 for a year, so with 926,370 fewer buttons pressed that’s a cost of just 0.002 cents per button-press saved.

At an average typing speed of 165 characters per minute I’ve saved almost 4 full days of academic health economists’ time. If the average health economist earns $40,000/year then that’s a saving of about $154.

So, an overall saving of $137. Unfortunately no quality of life data was available.

… I have too much time on my hands.

Reply to  Chris Sampson
13 years ago

There must be a paper in this somewhere….

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