Reducing calluses in academic health economists

There has been a 71% reduction in the number of characters that you will have to enter to get to this blog. has arrived.

3 thoughts on “Reducing calluses in academic health economists

    1. ….well….

      with 1509 views since starting 16 days ago, that’s 94 views a day. Assuming this continues for the next 12 months that will be 34,310 views, each pressing 27 fewer buttons to get here. The domain name cost $17.00 for a year, so with 926,370 fewer buttons pressed that’s a cost of just 0.002 cents per button-press saved.

      At an average typing speed of 165 characters per minute I’ve saved almost 4 full days of academic health economists’ time. If the average health economist earns $40,000/year then that’s a saving of about $154.

      So, an overall saving of $137. Unfortunately no quality of life data was available.

      … I have too much time on my hands.


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