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#HEJC update

Starting from next month, the Health Economics Twitter Journal Club will discuss working papers, rather than published articles. While this change may undermine the definition of a ‘journal club’, we think it will have a number of advantages.

Firstly, by discussing papers that are not yet published in a journal, and are still to some extent works in progress, our discussion may actually be able to inform the finished product. Secondly, we will not be restricted to discussing research that may be 12 months or more ‘out-of-date’ because of publication lag. And finally, working papers are open access. Most journal articles in health economics are behind paywalls, and it is common, even amongst those at institutions, to be unable to access an article.

Papers will be sourced from repositories such as SSRN and RePEc and from various institutions’ working papers series. Authors can also suggest their own working papers for discussion via the contact page or on Twitter.

In addition, we’ve recently had some low turnouts for the discussions. We’d like to find out if different times are preferred. Please select your preferred time(s) below*.

*times are London time (GMT/BST) and the first of that day each month.

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11 years ago

Good idea, SSRN has a nice working paper on the savings from the competitive bidding part of the Ryan plan.

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