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A(nother) new #HEJC format

In recent months attendance at the journal club has declined to zero, despite maintaining interest in the build-up. Here at AHE blog towers we don’t have the resources to promote #HEJC any more. Promotion is unlikely to make a difference anyway; the world of health economics is a relatively small one and it will always be difficult to satisfy enough people’s preferences regarding topics and timings. However, we still think a health economics journal club serves a purpose and know that people are interested. So, we are introducing a new format. This new format depends more on individuals (you) than on large numbers attending on a regular basis.

Here’s how it will work:

  1. On the first day of each month a list of recently published working papers and discussion papers will be posted. This will be accompanied by a call for discussants.
  2. Readers of the blog can volunteer to discuss a paper by completing the accompanying form. A discussant will be expected to write a short summary of the paper and a short discussion. The discussant will decide when the Twitter discussion will take place.
  3. The discussant’s submission will be posted on the blog one week in advance of the Twitter discussion.
  4. The Twitter discussion will take place in the same way as previously.

For more details, visit the updated #HEJC page.

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