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New year’s resolutions

In 2013 we published 34 posts and got about 12,000 hits. While we’re by no means disappointed with this, we know we can do better.

Our primary goal is to publish more posts, while ensuring that articles maintain a high quality. I hope that this year you will consider becoming a contributor and writing for the blog. It’s a great way to present any issues you’ve been pondering that just won’t formulate into a journal submission, or to simply pose tricky questions to the health economics community.

We hope to cultivate more of a community around the blog, and the Health Economics Journal Club will become a primary means of achieving this. We will be experimenting with new platforms for #HEJC discussions, such as Google Hangouts, and new formats, including guest authors. If you’d like to help put together a future discussion, please get in touch.

You’ll now also find a new Resources page in the menu above. A links page is an oft-requested feature for the site. While other websites already provide links pages, many are outdated, incomplete or simply too huge to be of value. We hope this one will prove more useful, but do let us know what you think.


  • Chris Sampson

    Founder of the Academic Health Economists' Blog. Senior Principal Economist at the Office of Health Economics. ORCID: 0000-0001-9470-2369

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