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Here it is, our newsletter, now being forged less frequently than British prime ministers.

Since my last email, we have (re-) launched our community events calendar and (first-) launched our jobs board. Help us out by telling everyone you know, or go ahead and add new listings yourself.

In case you missed it, check out Nancy Devlin and co's blog post from September about the 'wheelchair example' used in EQ-5D valuation studies; it's crying out for a discussion in the comments section.

And a reminder that the newsletter is still young and impressionable. If there's something you would (or wouldn't) like to see here, let me know by reply.

New on the blog

Meeting round-up: EuHEA Conference 2022

By Abraham Makanjuola

Abraham introduces a conference and travel vlog summary of the 2022 EuHEA meeting in Oslo, Norway.

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Meeting round-up: HESG Summer 2022

By Abraham Makanjuola

The 100th HESG gets the vlog treatment, with an early career researcher's perspective on the meeting.

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We've launched a community calendar and jobs board

By Chris Sampson

You can now promote jobs and events (for free) on the blog. Both are community resources, relying on input from you, dear reader.

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We've launched a community calendar and jobs board

Job openings

Here are a few of the vacancies currently listed on our jobs board.
Click here to advertise a job for free.

Other stuff worth your time

  • A podcast from the Manchester Cancer Research Centre explores the value of early detection with Katherine Payne [50 mins]
  • OHE has published a series of blog posts on the UK's new 'delinked' model to promote investment in new antibiotics [5 mins]
  • Wired gives big pharma a bashing on drug prices and R&D costs [4 mins]
  • Jonathan Stokes considers the politics (and economics) of pandemic response [3 mins]
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