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Mailing list update (and a survey)

Author: Chris Sampson

About 18 months ago, I changed how our website operated. (For the benefit of the web nerds, I finally transferred from to As a consequence of this, combined with my lack of enthusiasm for effective audience management, thousands of people stopped receiving email updates from the blog. And their details disappeared into the ether. Hooray!

Time for me to try a little harder.

We now have a proper mailing list, which you can join by entering your email address here and hitting the button below:

By default, you'll receive weekly updates about new content, but you can also change your subscription to receive immediate or monthly updates. The weekly and monthly email updates will also include new jobs and events that have been listed on our site.

And, regardless of your chosen update frequency, you'll also receive highly irregular (and therefore very special) updates from me. These will include updates about the blog that do not deserve to be published for posterity. Indeed, this blog post would have been much better distributed by email! This blog post will be the last of its kind.

If emails aren't your thing, you can follow us on the socials. Of course, you all know we're on Twitter, but we're also on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

With a view to developing our offering further and trying to make the blog as helpful as possible, please answer a few questions for us and then hit submit below.

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