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Newsletter #2 coming at you. I am recovering from ISPOR 2022 and the flight home from D.C. 🥱 You can read about the conference in my round-up. Incidentally, ISPOR has just announced this year's Board of Directors.

This week sees the World Health Assembly take place in real life for the first time since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, including a Strategic Roundtable on the 'Economics of Health for All'.

Last week, NICE recommended a digital therapeutic for the first time, which is an exciting development for those of us working in digital health. There's much to learn from the committee discussions and other documentation available online (most importantly that "Sampson et al. (2021) is robust").

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Meeting round-up: ISPOR Annual 2022

Any typos in this newsletter are a consequence of my sleep deprivation. ISPOR 2022 was an excellent meeting, invigorated by the world's current challenges. Read about some of my highlights in our latest blog post.

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Meeting round-up: ISPOR Annual 2022

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