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We've launched a new feature!

Post-publication peer review is a good idea. It supports an ongoing discussion of research and provides researchers with the opportunity to improve their output.

But uptake of post-publication peer review is pretty poor in health economics. That might be because there is no obvious home for it. There are a variety of platforms that support it - seldom used by our field - and a handful of publishers.

What might be useful is a one-stop shop where researchers in our field can request reviews and find papers that need reviews. That's where our new feature comes in.
In order to submit a paper, you'll need to have an account on our website. This is so I know you're really who you say you are. Authors can provide a short note to reviewers with specific requests. But you can request reviews even if you're not an author.

Reviewers can provide reviews on publishers' native systems, if they support it, or on another platform like PubPeer or ResearchGate. If that's not possible, we'll also accept high-quality reviews as blog posts.

If this feature turns out to be popular, we might implement something more sophisticated. But, for now, simple will suffice.

So, please get involved via the button above. If you have a recent paper or pre-print for which you'd like to solicit reviews, complete our short submission form. I'm hoping that enough submissions will come through to support my own peer review habits, and yours too. Check in regularly to find papers in need of review.

As ever, feedback is very welcome (just reply to this email). And please forward this email to anyone who might be interested in this initiative.

Happy reviewing!
Chris @ aheblog

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