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The conference season (and the summer holiday season 😎) is here. I seem to be a member of every professional society you care to mention, but you don't need to be a member to enjoy many of the benefits. iHEA has been uploading a ton of content to their YouTube channel in the past month, including their first ECR SIG interview. ISPOR has also released the latest issue of their Value and Outcomes Spotlight magazine, which focuses on COVID-19. Speaking of ISPOR, they'll be getting a new director soon, following the announcement of Nancy Berg's retirement after 8 years at the helm.

I hope to see some of you at OHE's 60th birthday party this week.

In case our blog isn't enough...

  • Think Global Health outlines the growing international burden of dementia [6 mins]
  • A recent episode of the Managed Care Cast podcast discussed research on income inequality and health outcomes [19 mins]
  • An interview with Jay Bhattacharya confronts COVID research and academic freedom [12 mins]
  • Paul Frijters gives an interview about the harm of COVID policy, to the right-wing conspiracy theorists at Epoch Times (due warning for disinformation) [7 mins]

From the blog:

Journal round-up: PharmacoEconomics - Open 6(3)

My latest journal round-up covers a variety of cost-effectiveness studies and a review of HTA processes from across the globe.

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Journal round-up: PharmacoEconomics - Open 6(3)

Meeting round-up: ISPOR Annual 2022

If you registered for ISPOR 2022, you only have a few days left to catch up on recorded sessions. Check out my meeting round-up for some inspiration.

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Meeting round-up: ISPOR Annual 2022

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