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EuHEA Seminar Series: A Healthy Start for Healthy Start Vouchers?

This paper examines the impact of a recent increase in the value of healthy start vouchers (HSV) on the purchase of healthy items, using a large and representative sample of 13 million shopping basket transactions from a major UK food retailer. We use a difference-in-differences (DiD) approach to show that a £1.15 increase in voucher values increased spending on fruits …

EuHEA Seminar Series: Impact of Forced Sterilization on Female Labor Market Outcomes: Evidence from India

Objective: I investigate the impact of the 1975-76 forced sterilization campaign carried out by the Indira Gandhi government in India on women’s long-run labor market outcomes. Methods: I exploit heterogeneity in the implementation of coercive sterilization at the district level using difference-in-differences (DiD) and run additional robustness and heterogeneity checks. Results: Using large data samples from India and accounting for …

Workshop on the Causes and Consequences of Medicines Shortages

This two-day workshop will offer a platform for researchers working in health economics and policy, health services research, economics of the pharmaceutical industry, as well as policymakers and industry representatives to come together and discuss critical issues surrounding medicine shortages.

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Research Fellow (Health Economics)

The Aberdeen Health Determinants Research Collaborative (AHDRC) and the Health Economics Research Unit (HERU) are seeking to recruit a Research Fellow (Health Economics). The postholder will undertake health economics research that contributes to the aims of the AHDRC - providing evidence on the socio-economic drivers of population health and health inequalities, and evaluating interventions and policies that seek to improve …

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