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The Academic Health Economists’ Blog hosts the Health Economics Journal Club. The meeting times vary; click here to see details of upcoming meetings. Discussions last 1 hour and take place on various platforms, such as Twitter and Google Hangouts, as well as on the blog. Everybody is welcome to contribute.

How it works

The Health Economics Journal Club primarily discusses working papers, and is lead by a discussant. In some cases a guest author may be invited. A discussant will be required to write a short summary of their chosen paper and a short discussion, totalling no more than 1000 words. If there is a paper you would like to discuss and you are interested in leading a meeting, or if you would like to contribute in any other way, please get in touch.

To join in with the discussion on Twitter, simply add the hashtag #HEJC to your tweets. A convenient way to do this and keep track of the conversation is to join the #HEJC Twubs page. For more information on how to use hashtags, visit the Twitter help pages. For personalised transcripts and analytics, visit our page on Symplur.

Why should I volunteer to be a discussant?

We all read academic literature. Many of us probably wish we made the time to read more. Volunteering as a discussant is a good way of committing oneself to thoroughly reading and analysing the contents of a paper. This is particularly valuable for students wanting to develop their skills in critical appraisal. Furthermore, publishing on the blog is a good way to gain recognition with colleagues. You may also be able to make a substantive contribution to the author’s work-in-progress and help advance the field, with minimal effort.


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