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Widespread misuse of statistical significance in health economics

Despite widespread cautionary messages, p-values and claims of statistical significance are continuously misused. One of the most common errors is to mistake statistical significance for economic, clinical, or political significance. This error may manifest itself by authors interpreting only ‘statistically significant’… Read More »Widespread misuse of statistical significance in health economics

#HEJC update

Starting from next month, the Health Economics Twitter Journal Club will discuss working papers, rather than published articles. While this change may undermine the definition of a ‘journal club’, we think it will have a number of advantages. Firstly, by… Read More »#HEJC update

Two today!

It’s 2 years today since we (an editorial ‘we’, that is) produced this blog’s inaugural post, with no more than a vague idea of what it might be or become. Plenty has happened in the online health economics scene since then.… Read More »Two today!